Sunday, February 3, 2013

Popcorn Kernels make a difference?

It's no secret that I love my popcorn. I have a song for movie theater popcorn... I even took my childhood air popper from my Dad's house when I moved to Austin. We always used Orville Redenbacher kernels and I really didn't think anything of it.

One night I was walking through Target and thought to pick up kernels since I had run out at home. The only brand they had there was Pop Secret, so I went ahead and picked that up.

I popped up a small batch, drizzled my butter flavored olive oil, salt, and pepper and sat down to watch Downton Abbey. I took my first few bites and no problem. Then halfway through I noticed my teeth started hurting. The kernels were just really tough! After two more attempts and still with the after effect of aching teeth, I decided it was time to abandon ship on the Pop Secret kernels.

At the grocery store, there were a few more choices; the usual Orville, the grocery brand, and then the "higher end" grocery brand from Central Market. Since the latter had the marketing genius word of "organic" on it, I decided to try that.

Popped that up and it was nice normal popcorn. It's a bittersweet moment when I have to throw out popcorn...but Pop Secret leaves me no choice.