Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cranberry Nut Roll

Since buying my jelly roll pan, it hasn't had much play. I made a delightful pumpkin roll a year or two back and since then it's just been another one of my unloved toys. I decided it was time for a romp!
Found this recipe for Cranberry Nut Roll, and it sounded like the perfect addition for my Fall bakefest.
The recipe is pretty simple, and on the site it claims that it is healthy. I can buy into this, I suppose. I was surprised at the separating of the egg whites and egg yolks and then folding technique. There was actually not much flour in the roll mix itself, so I guess this makes it more of a meringue base and thus lightening it up. I also used the lower fat cream cheese in the filling, but did not budge on the real butter.
As I was reading through the recipe, I realized I did not have any wax or parchment paper to put on the pan. I have those neat silicon pan liners so decided to have a go with that. It turned out just fine, the only funny part being you could see where I've used it to bake cookies before. No one but me noticed, of course.

This turned out to be the office favorite. My Jelly Roll Pan dances in delight of the news.


  1. I had the pleasure of packing one of these amazing cakes into my mouth. It was euphoric as it made love to my tongue and finished itself off with an extremely sweet cream rolled up in the center. I couldn't contain myself for just one and had to go back several more times in the day to satisfy myself.

    I giggle at the idea of eating this cake again someday...

  2. yea well I didn't get any baked goods love..... SOMEBODY forgot to save me some....